Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Statement Trousers?

Before I speak (type) just look.

Hot Pants

This summer I cant walk out of my house without seeing butt cheeks! This Gaga inspired trend is rampant and not everyone should be rocking this look. Lets face it as cute as this style is you cant go out in public without being perved on or gasped at. We dont all have supermodel bodies and unless your in the bedroom only stick legs can get away with this look.

First Post/Gucci

Fuck Your Fashions First Post! Welcome to the blog that will point out the fail of all genres of Fashion. It is easy to get caught up with trends and looking good. Luckily, here at Fuck Your Fashion we are the voice of reason to point out the fuck uppery in gray hearted fashion world. You will thank us later.

I would like to kick it all off with Gucci. Gucci's 2010 Fall/Winter ready to wear womens collection is a big let down. If you saw these garments without the famous "Gucci" name on them, would you want them?