Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Post/Gucci

Fuck Your Fashions First Post! Welcome to the blog that will point out the fail of all genres of Fashion. It is easy to get caught up with trends and looking good. Luckily, here at Fuck Your Fashion we are the voice of reason to point out the fuck uppery in gray hearted fashion world. You will thank us later.

I would like to kick it all off with Gucci. Gucci's 2010 Fall/Winter ready to wear womens collection is a big let down. If you saw these garments without the famous "Gucci" name on them, would you want them?

This collection reminds me of my grandmother, Fashion Bug and Staten Island. Seriously what are they thinking? These lifeless styles are very unflattering to the model. Im Sure that woman is a size 0 and in those outfits shes looking like a size 8. The lines are awkward and pointless. What a disappointment for the upcoming season. And if these clothes don't look good on a super model, who will they look good on?! Save your $2,500 and the embarrassment.

On the other hand, Gucci's Mens Collection for Fall/Winter is gorgeous. Its easy to appreciate the the contrast of styling here. The different styles blend together to create the perfect balance. I am a fan of the leather jacket, suit and man bag. The best of all worlds to create an edgy new look. Seeing the white pants is refreshing as well. I never agreed with the whole "never wear white after labor day" rule. It looks like Gucci may have been inspired by the Twilight trend. Their model looks scruffy and rugged but as feminine as just like Edward.

Women: stay away from Gucci the fall/winter unless you want to look like a whale in a thrift shop.
Men: wear Gucci for this upcoming season (please). Or at least get your inspiration from this collection.

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  1. haha my grandmother would wear that pants suit, I thought the pant suit was reserved for female politicians and chicks with bad bodies.