Friday, July 2, 2010

Going Nude this Summer

Nude tones are to be found everywhere this season. From light pinks and beiges to deep browns everyone seems to be wearing skin over their skin. I truly like this trend because of the bare illusion it causes, but in excess it can make the wearer look washed out and bland.

Exhibit A:

This Lanvin dress makes the model appear like a dried up mummy raised from the dead! Well maybe not that bad, but life-less indeed.

For those readers who are extremely fair skinned, a word of caution when wearing white. The whole white on white can have the same muting effect. Not flattering. Theres nothing wrong with white accents just sport it in moderation.

^^See where Im going with this?

However I do give an A+ for wearing those nude heels.

FACT: A shoe that matches your skin tone makes your legs appear longer.

I'm hoping this nude trend gets taken so far that people just start walking around naked!

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