Monday, July 5, 2010

Rampant Rompers

Rompers! Fun!
Yes, in theory...

Rompers are hot hot hot this summer but has anyone realized that just because its in doesn't always mean it looks good?
When a gorgeous woman walks around with a 'faux f.u.p.a' (fat upper pussy area) its a real turn off. Its nice to see the shape of her body not covered in a designer potato sack.
Heres one: by Juicy Couture

How can we get past this disaster!? Don't be the one who wakes up in 10 years and says "what was I thinking!?" Observe, this look sucks on everyone. Accept it, move on.

Try a romper that shows off how gorgeous you really are (duh)!
Cinched waists or a tie in the back are simple, feminine and flattering. Considering this year is all about mixing fashion from the past 5 decades its best to keep it simple and have fun with your accessories.

This is how it should be done:

This jumpsuit has clean lines that fit the model and delicate feminine accents to define her shape.
Erin Fetherston^^

For a more casual look this khaki romper fits the body and is airy and fun, great for the beach or a lunch date.
Michael Kors^^

You can always add a belt to create a waistline

Alice and Oliva ^^

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