Saturday, July 10, 2010

Knights in Shining Armor?

So boys everywhere seem to have the desire to adorn themselves in rhinestones and sparkles...Everyone from the ghetto drug dealer to the awkward jr. high school boys are wearing it...but really the question is not who..its WHY!?

It's possible this trend is the aftermath of the Guido look and their EdHardy clothing. For some reason orange skin and too much hair gel is cool among the party going youth. Especially now that its glamorized on reality shows. I can appreciate sub culture and its fashion, but when I'm shopping at Bloomingdales I want to see real men's clothes not this trashy bedazzled shit.

Dear Men,

If your trying to attract attention wear a watch with diamonds (or CZ). Its a way to have your iridescence and still ensure your masculinity. Another way to have the look without the lameness is get a money clip with rhinestones on it. Theres nothing wrong with being flashy but in excess it will repell women, unless your looking to attract a guidette...

Take this advice if you dont want to end up like the cast from Jersey Shore

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